Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Martial Arts in Gilbert Arizona

In 2006, Hall-of-Fame Grandmaster of Martial Arts, Soke Hausel, moved from Laramie, Wyoming to Gilbert Arizona. After arriving in Gilbert, work began on searching for a location for a traditional dojo (martial arts school). Professor (Kyoju no Budo) Hausel taught at three universities prior to establishing a hombu (headquarters) on Baseline Road on the border of Gilbert with Mesa, Arizona. The building was located and decorated in oriental decor by two of his students who spent considerable time in Japan, one student of samurai lineage. The floor plan of the Arizona Hombu was an open floor plan favorable for teaching martial arts classes including karate, kobudo, self defense, jujutsu and samurai arts.

The Arizona Hombu (aka Arizona School of Traditional Karate) was opened and designed to be a unique martial arts school on the north edge of Gilbert, Arizona and south edge of Mesa. The martial arts school functions as a traditional training center for adults and families interested in learning about the traditional Okinawan martial arts as taught by martial arts instructor, Soke Hausel.

Soke Hausel taught at the University of Wyoming for three decades where a few thousand students were introduced to traditional Okinawan karate, martial arts weapons, samurai arts (samurai sword, jujutsu, spear, rope restraints, pole arm, hanbo, bo, jujutsu, self defense, women's self-defense, and martial arts history. Hausel also taught at Arizona State University, University of New Mexico and the University of Utah. 

Students training at the Arizona School of Traditional Karate, Gilbert, Arizona
The Hombu dojo (world headquarters) for Seiyo No Shorin-Ryu Karate Kobudo Kai(TM) came to Arizona with the grandmaster. In traditional martial arts, students learn the basics of martial arts along with martial arts weapons as well as traditions, empty-hand self-defense, history and more. After training in martial arts for 50 years, the grandmaster has certified in 2 dozen martial arts which he teaches to his students. But the core of the training is traditional Shorin-Ryu Karate.

Kata practice at the Arizona School of Traditional Karate in Gilbert. Katas are the forms of martial arts.
Soke Hausel is affiliated with Seiyo Kai International, Zen Kokusai Soke Budo Bugei Renmei and Juko Kai International. Adults and families of all levels of expertise from beginner to the highest level black belts train at his school - the Arizona School of Traditional Karate.
A traditional Joseki wall at the Arizona School of Traditional Karate, Gilbert
2006 photo - Senior JKI yudansha includes Dai Soke Sacharnoski, world head of Juko Kai
International (front row with white Gi Pants) and Soke Hausel (front row
with white gi pants, second from left).

Karate Practice at the Arizona Hombu