Thursday, March 12, 2015

Traditional Karate Classes for Adults and Families

Classes in traditional karate, kobudo (martial arts weapons), self-defense & samurai arts for adults and families were opened to the public when the Arizona Hombu (a martial arts school) was established on the border of Gilbert with Mesa Arizona. The student body at the school ranges in age from a Chandler family with a 7-year old daughter and her two parents to a black belt snowbird from Wyoming who is in her 70s. In between, the school has attracted high school and college students, teachers, pilots, university professors, airline pilots, secretaries, authors, artists, geologists, medical personnel, biologists, chemists and a retired air force pilot. Each person signed up to learn about the traditional martial arts as taught in Japan. 

The owner and operator of the dojo (martial arts school) is Grandmaster Hausel/Soke, who taught martial arts at the University of Wyoming for 3 decades prior to moving to Arizona in 2006. Both Bill Borea, 3rd dan/sensei and Paula Borea, 2nd dan/sensei from Mesa train at the Arizona Hombu because it is the "real deal". After training in Japan, they could not find a school in the Phoenix valley that provided traditional teaching methods until Soke Hausel moved to the valley. 

Others have voiced their excitement over the variety of martial arts taught at the school. In addition to learning traditional karate, they are also learning about kata (martial arts forms) and how they are used in self-defense. "Grandmaster Hausel insists that we learn all self-defense applications for the katas and be able to demonstrate them without thinking".

In addition, the students have the opportunity to learn other aspects of karate not taught anywhere else in the valley including skills in one-punch knockouts, breaking rocks and body hardening. Everyone over 18, no matter their size or gender, has broken a rock with their bare hands!

As far as the Kobudo arts are concerned, the arts involving Okinawan weapons, many are impressed by the variety taught at the school. Many learn to use the hoe, staff, nunchuks, side-handle baton, rope, chain, fish hooks, and more. Others interested in the Japanese samurai arts are amazed at the variety of arts and some have searched for a school like this for years. In the samurai arts taught at the school, one can learn to use the samurai sword (katana), pole arm (naginata), the yari (Okinawan spear), hanbo (3-foot stick), kuboton (stick), tekko (knuckleduster), hojo (rope restraints), traditional jujutsu (throwing arts), tango (knife) and more.